1. Don't Let Your Balcony or Porch Go to Waste

    Is your outdoor living space like your balcony or porch bare and unused? You can create a more inviting and enjoyable area for both relaxation and entertainment by adding just a few comforting and stylish touches. If you're unsure of how to begin, read our useful advice to help you transform your existing space into one of your favorite places...
  2. Art Deco Style

    The Art Deco Style was all about glamor, luxury, innovation, and hope. The style has proven to be timeless and instantly recognizable even 100 years after its first appearance. Famous for its streamlined look and bold interiors, simultaneously decadent and severe, this dramatic aesthetic is still alive and well, remaining even more relevant and popular today in modern design as...
  3. The Juggernauts of Restaurant Design

    The article Who’s Defining Restaurant Design Now is the perfect insight into examples of exceptional restaurant design all over the world, and what inspired the visuals and environment inside these places. Design firms like Avroko and Bells + Whistles discussed in the article are responsible for bringing to life the vision of the owner of the restaurant. They handle everything design wise, ranging from visuals, how the customers feel when they dine in the restaurant, and how they interact with the space. As a table base company, we take pride in being a great resource for design companies large and small (as well as homeowners). We've had 20 years to hone our extensive knowledge on table base and top options, and offer designs and looks to fit a variety of different environments.  Continue reading →
  4. How Many Guests Can I Seat at My Table?

    We know that visualizing a project before it's complete can often be a challenge. To help you create the perfect table for your space, we've put together a handy little diagram showing how many guests you can fit comfortably different sizes of tables, as well as some handy tips for choosing the best size and shape table for your dining space. While it can sometimes be hard to find a complete dining set in the size and shape you want, with the help of you can pick your table top, table base, and chairs separately, to find the perfect size and shape for your dining area. Continue reading for more info! Virtual Assistant: Find A Base for Your Table Top Continue reading →
  5. New Photo on Instagram, Dining in Montréal

    [caption id="attachment_2709" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Le Resto du Village, Montréal[/caption] B series bases at Le Resto du Village in Montrèal. #tablebase #montreal #diner #restaurant #ifttt via Instagram Continue reading →

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