The article Who’s Defining Restaurant Design Now is the perfect insight into examples of exceptional restaurant design all over the world, and what inspired the visuals and environment inside these places. Design firms like Avroko and Bells + Whistles discussed in the article are responsible for bringing to life the vision of the owner of the restaurant. They handle everything design wise, ranging from visuals, how the customers feel when they dine in the restaurant, and how they interact with the space. As a table base company, we take pride in being a great resource for design companies large and small (as well as homeowners). We've had 20 years to hone our extensive knowledge on table base and top options, and offer designs and looks to fit a variety of different environments. 

The design firm Avroko is responsible for the iconic interior design in some of the most high-end restaurants around the world. The Easton Hotel in Hong Kong, and the Nan Bei Hotel in Bangkok are just some of the luxurious places they’ve designed. In Who’s Designing Restaurant Design Now, talks about Avroko’s work in California’s restaurant “Single Thread Farm”. The owners of this restaurant love the Earth, so Avroko made it a point to make their interest come to life. You can find floral arrangements in glass terrariums and in dining room screens, which show the intricate design of the DNA sequence of herbs. Avroko prides itself on narrative based-design and their main goal is to create a memorable dining experience for guests. Their designs are one-of-a-kind, crafted to capture culinary tradition, uniqueness and surprise. One could simply not replicate the work done by Avroko. 

    Bells + Whistles understands the importance of connecting a restaurants’ design with the chef’s vision for the food going to be served. Barbara Rourke, the company’s co-founder says that their goal as a company is to get to know their client on a personal level, and design based on what feels authentic to them. They want the customer to feel like they are designing it themselves. Bells + Whistles believes that every detail in designing a restaurant should come full circle. So the aesthetics, the menu, the branding, and every detail should align with the single vision the owner desires. Bells + Whistles work at San Diego’s Animae Steakhouse resembles the cedar forests of Japan’s Yakushima Island. Here, you will find long moss green colored curtains around the restaurant resembling lichen in a forest, you’ll find a unique carpet of green, red, and white splotches, which actually has another benefit outside of giving a nature-y look to the restaurant. If someone were to spill, you wouldn’t be able to tell!