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  1. Table Legs: Unique Styles

    AI Industrial steel Table legs with reclaimed wood table top We've talked before about the versatility of using legs for tables, they are a really flexible option that can work with table tops of different sizes and weights. We have a few unique metal table legs that offer interesting designs or functionality. Below we'll discuss our favorite table legs from our catalog! Continue reading →
  2. Popular Design Styles for Barista Tables

    Counter height wooden table top with a decorative black cast iron table base, with two chairs and a piano in the corner of the room. A barista table is a bar height table that comes in a few different shapes. They can be similar to a long and narrow console table, or be a small bar height table or counter height table with a few chairs, like a bistro table. The long, shallow styles are perfect for coffee bars or for displaying decorations, while the taller round or square models are great for enjoying a cup of coffee. Barista tables are becoming a popular addition to dining and living spaces as they are a versatile, space efficient and stylish addition to any room. With modern open concept home designs, having a barista table can help segment a larger room. You can make your own bar table or barista table using our bar height and counter height table legs or pedestal table bases. We’ll discuss a few popular styles below.  Continue reading →
  3. How to Clean Stainless Steel Table Legs & Table Bases

    Stainless steel is an extremely durable material that is easy to maintain and clean since it naturally resists corrosion, which is why stainless steel table legs are a great choice for outdoor tables. sells 304 grade and 201 grade stainless steel table bases and stainless steel table legs. There’s a few different processes you can try for cleaning or...
  4. The Versatility of Metal Table Legs

    When we make table leg or table base recommendations, we have to keep a number of factors in mind. How large is the table top? What material is it made from? How much does the table top weigh? The best table base or metal table leg option is going to change based on the table information, whether the table is in a home or a residence, and of course based on your preferred style. While pedestal table bases are really great for a number of reasons, table legs have unmatched versatility, especially for oddly shaped table tops, bar tables and counter height tables, or wheelchair accessible tables. Keep reading to find out why! Continue reading →
  5. History of the Toque Blanche (Chef's Hat)

    When thinking of a chef, what is the first thing you think of? What distinguishes someone as a chef? Is it their distinct white buttoned coat or checkered pants? No doubt the defining characteristic that first pops into anyone’s head is a tall, white hat. This chef’s hat has a name, the toque blanche, and has a long, varied history to match! Continue reading →
  6. The Return of Maximalism in Design

    While most of us know Minimalism in at least some aspect, not as many are familiar with its boisterous counterpart; Maximalism. While the term Maximalism was coined relatively recently, the concept actually spans centuries! Throughout history we’ve valued a “more is more” mindset to display wealth, from the Italian Renaissance to the French Rococo and Baroque to Victorian England. While minimalism is more about showcasing the beauty of a space on its own, maximalism is more about showcasing who the room belongs to. Lovers of maximalism see every painting and funky secondhand piece of furniture as an extension of themselves, whereas minimalists prefer not to define themselves by their material belongings. Continue reading →
  7. Using a Color Wheel to Guide Interior Design

    A spread of Pantone color swatches arranged in a circle. With Spring finally arriving after a tumultuous Winter we are fully embracing the warmer weather and sunshine! The renewal of nature is a great opportunity to embrace color in our homes, but sometimes it can be a little tricky to know where to start. Today we’ll start with a familiar tool that most of us have grown up with, the color wheel!  Continue reading →
  8. The Psychology of Interior Design – How Colors and Patterns Affect Relaxation

    This is a guest post by Lauren Welch When it comes to interior design, it’s important to understand how your surroundings affect your mood. Colors and patterns have an impact on your psyche, making you feel relaxed or anxious depending on the color scheme. Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash Interior designers often consider principles of design including balance, proportion...
  9. The Best Types of Wood for Outdoor Furniture

    The Best Types of Wood for Outdoor Furniture
    White washed table in an outdoor courtyard surrounded by white stucco walls. Wood is a natural choice of material for outdoor table tops, as it’s ubiquitous, relatively affordable, easy to work with and comes in a variety of types, colors, grains and styles. There really are endless possibilities for customization and personalization when it comes to making wood tables. You can go with something lightweight and cost effective, like laminate or Topalit table tops, or you can go for something that matches your personality like custom reclaimed wood table tops. With so many different kinds of wood available, it can be hard to know where to start! Below we’re going to discuss the types of wood that work best for outdoor use, why they are good choices, and other important factors to consider when building or purchasing your outdoor wood table tops.  Continue reading →
  10. Powder Coating vs Chrome vs Stainless Steel

    Man using a saw to cut through metal. When choosing which base to use for a project there are a number of factors to consider, like the size, weight and material of your table top, and whether the table will be located inside or outside. Having a variety of options for metals and finishes can make the choices feel overwhelming, but we’re here today to help clear up some of the confusion! We will address the differences between powder coating, chrome plating, stainless steel, and aluminum- and the best uses for each one.  Continue reading →

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