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  • The Best Option for Heating your Outdoor Patio this Winter

    Winter is here! Well, for most of the country at least. Our office is in California, so we are just starting to see temperatures dip. In a lot of the country, cold weather has been around for a few weeks now. While most of us retreat inside during the colder months, adding warmth to your outdoor spaces can mean comfortable access to fresh air, al fresco dinners, and back yard parties even through the colder months! But what is the best option for creating a warm environment on your patio? In our office, we are split between propane fire pits, wood fire pits, and portable propane heaters, as they each have advantages and disadvantages depending on your preference.  Continue reading

  • Tips for Hosting a Stress Free & Successful Thanksgiving Dinner


    The holidays are fast approaching (feels like they really surprised us this year), so if you haven’t already started preparing to host Thanksgiving, it isn’t too late! While November and December holidays are all about giving thanks, spending time with loved ones, and staying warm in the colder months, they are also inevitably filled with that holiday stress. Family time can be healing, or it can really try your patience. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some tips to help make you minimize stress this Thanksgiving! Stick to what you know, plan ahead, and keep it simple. Focus on the company, and save the party tricks for Easter.  Continue reading

  • Nostalgic Restaurant Concept: The Supper Club

    “Supper” is a word that evokes a different time in American history, a distinctly old-world term that implies something more formal, more serious than “dinner”. Supper, generally, has fallen out of favor with most urban Americans and is more common in the south and midwest, in more rural areas, and with older generations. Even in the UK, where one might think older traditions and phrases might have a stronger hold, the word supper comes in a distant third place behind dinner and “tea” (which is definitely a drink and not a meal). Supper” seems to imply something more that just a meal at days end. In fact, there is a whole category of restaurants that cater to this idea, the supper club. Continue reading

  • What do Changing Age Demographics Mean for Hotels & Restaurants?

    It's no great secret, the average age of people in the United States is rising. In 2020, for the first time, there will be more people age 65 and over than children under the age of 5. And according to some estimates, seniors over 65 will make up nearly 22% of the U.S. population by 2040 ("up from 14.9% in 2015"). While younger populations are still a huge market, it's going to be increasingly important for hospitality businesses to also appeal to older demographics. Continue reading

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