1. Don't Let Your Balcony or Porch Go to Waste

    Is your outdoor living space like your balcony or porch bare and unused? You can create a more inviting and enjoyable area for both relaxation and entertainment by adding just a few comforting and stylish touches. If you're unsure of how to begin, read our useful advice to help you transform your existing space into one of your favorite places...
  2. What Height Table Base Do I Need? makes it super easy to create a custom table that fits your exact space. With that kind of freedom also comes a lot of questions! One question we get from a lot of customers is how tall of a table base do you need? offers options at Dining Height, Bar Height, Counter Height and Coffee Table Height, and many of our bases can be cut to a custom height if you need something precise for your project. But how do you match up your chairs or stools to the perfect height table? There’s a simple rule of thumb you can follow to get the best match, keep reading to find out.  Continue reading →
  3. Is There a Standard Hole Pattern for Drilling Table Tops?

    As you decide which table base you’re going to choose for your table top, you might be wondering, is there a standard screw hole pattern for mounting plates? Do all table tops attach to table bases in the same way? The TL;DR answer is, no there is not a standard. Click the link to keep reading for the longer explanation. Continue reading →

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