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  1. Finding Banquet Furniture in 6 Easy Steps

    If you are planning an event or stocking a banquet hall with furniture, you’ll need to think about furniture that will best meet your needs. Finding the right banquet furniture isn’t difficult if you consider (and follow) the following six tips. 1. Consider your theme, décor and colors Think about your event. Is there a particular color scheme you want to adhere to? Is there a particular look you want to have? Think about how you want the banquet furniture to suit the look you are trying to achieve. Continue reading →
  2. Top Five Restaurant Trends For 2012

    Each year we get new information about what restaurant patrons want. There are food trends, restaurant style trends and other news about what will be “hot” in the coming year. This year, there are five trends that are sure to dominate the restaurant industry. The top five trends for 2012 include a trend toward Mediterranean food, a desire for more breakfast all the time, cooked (not prepared) food, simple décor elements in restaurants and the use of, and appreciation for, social media and how it can be used to benefit restaurants. Continue reading →
  3. Get Restaurant Patrons Outdoors with Fun Furniture and Fresh Touches

    Bistro 3 Italy It’s not just a Parisian concept to sit outdoors and enjoy people watching while soaking up a beautiful day and a delicious meal. Many restaurants stateside are learning that restaurant patrons enjoy sitting outdoors; it creates a different and casual atmosphere that many people enjoy. Best of all, it creates more seating so restaurants can do more business. Continue reading →
  4. 5 Reasons To Open A Coffee Shop At Your Church

    Years after the first Starbucks opened, coffee is still – no pun intended – hot. Many Americans make a stop at the coffee house on a daily, weekly or other regular basis. Churches can greatly benefit parishioners by adding a coffee house. There are five primary reasons why churches should add a coffee house. Continue reading →
  5. Things To Consider Before Shopping For Food Court Furniture

    Furnishing food courts is all about creating versatile and durable spaces. Furniture placed in food courts should be easy to move around, durable enough to handle high traffic and made from materials that are easy to clean and that will stay looking good even through a number of cleanings and high usage. Continue reading →
  6. Balancing Seating In Restaurants

    Whether your restaurant is new on the scene or it’s a regular hangout in the neighborhood, learning to balance seating can be a chore. When you first open a restaurant, you might want to save a few dollars by not overfilling the restaurant with furniture. But some diners might view the lack of furniture and assume that means lack of customers; you could also run into a different problem and find that during busy times you don’t have enough seating. Continue reading →
  7. Freshen-Up Your Furniture In Time For Spring

    Most of us look to the spring season as a time of change. We buy new clothes, clean our homes and think ahead to a cleaner, simpler time called spring. For many restaurant owners, this might also be a time to think about adding new furniture. Whether the current furniture is tired and torn or relatively new but no longer fitting the style and tenor of the restaurant, consider spring as a great time to change the current mix of furniture. Continue reading →
  8. Commercial Furniture Options

    Adding high-quality furniture to your business or organization can benefit both your staff and your customers, by creating a better environment to be in. is the ideal place to find furniture for commercial purposes. sells an array of stools, table bases, table tops, restaurant chairs, conference seating chairs and more. If you're looking for furniture for your commercial business, then it's important that you consider all of the options available to you. Whether you run a church, own a corporate business, restaurant, club or bar, at you will find something that fits your needs. Continue reading →

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