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  1. Amazon Local Deals, Should Your Restaurant Participate?

    Coupons   If you run a business, especially a restaurant, you have undoubtedly heard of Groupon. The internet based storefront has made a fortune in recent years by working as a middle man between businesses and consumers, providing businesses with hoards of customers, and providing consumers with rock bottom prices on everything from spa treatments to driving lessons. Well, there is a new kid on the block, and he is playing by similar rules. Amazon's Local Deals aims to take market and mind share away from the ubiquitous Groupon. The Cambridge, Massachusetts based giant may be new to the game, but the Amazon name has been around for some time, and those guys know a lot about the internet. More importantly, they have a huge wealth of knowledge about how and where consumer's spend their money. Continue reading →
  2. Common Mistakes made by Restaurant Servers

    Server   The quality of service at any given restaurant is a huge factor in that establishment's success. A stellar interior design, great location, and even fantastic food generally cannot eclipse poor levels of service. The restaurant industry is one of hospitality, after all. A few Yelp reviews mentioning dirty spoons or servers with poor hygiene can run a place straight into the ground. Aaron Allen & Associates, a restaurant consulting firm, has put together a great list of 30 Common Restaurant Server Mistakes that can send customers running for the hills. Some points are more obvious, such as wearing offensive or powerful colognes, while others are more subtle, such as a server appearing stressed. Check out the source link below for the full list, and make sure to train your staff on how and how not to behave in your restaurant. Continue reading →
  3. How a Well Designed Menu can Increase Revenue

    Restaurant Menu If your restaurant is in need of a boost, you may want to take a look at your menu. Chances are you can make some changes that will significantly impact your business for the better. In the same way you need a chef to cook, a designer to decorate and an architect to build, you could use a menu expert to ensure that your presentation is as effective as possible. Menu Cover Depot, a website that sells restaurant menu supplies, has a great written piece detailing a properly engineered menu, with tips for attracting customers and boosting revenue. Check out the source link after the break for the full article, so you can get started making improvements right away. Continue reading →
  4. Simple Social Media Tools for Your Restaurant

    8583949219_d565d18edf_o   The world has gone digital. The revolution has already happened, and anyone who is not yet on board is playing catch up. Generally speaking, your customers are connected to the internet at all times. Mobile apps and smartphones are a great tool for business, because they are already in the hands of the people you want to reach. Mobile applications can help you stay relevant by providing your customers with a familiar way in which they can interact with your business, and provide you with a quick and easy means of getting your information out into the world. If your restaurant has yet to take advantage of these new opportunities, you are already very late to the game. Continue reading →
  5. Find on your Favorite Social Sites

    Did you know that is on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn? Pick your favorite social website, and follow us for constant tips on bringing in customers, generating revenue, and of course, great deals on tables and bases to suit any style. Follow us by clicking on the icons near the top right hand side of this page. Check...
  6. Finding Banquet Furniture in 6 Easy Steps

    If you are planning an event or stocking a banquet hall with furniture, you’ll need to think about furniture that will best meet your needs. Finding the right banquet furniture isn’t difficult if you consider (and follow) the following six tips. 1. Consider your theme, décor and colors Think about your event. Is there a particular color scheme you want to adhere to? Is there a particular look you want to have? Think about how you want the banquet furniture to suit the look you are trying to achieve. Continue reading →
  7. Top Five Restaurant Trends For 2012

    Each year we get new information about what restaurant patrons want. There are food trends, restaurant style trends and other news about what will be “hot” in the coming year. This year, there are five trends that are sure to dominate the restaurant industry. The top five trends for 2012 include a trend toward Mediterranean food, a desire for more breakfast all the time, cooked (not prepared) food, simple décor elements in restaurants and the use of, and appreciation for, social media and how it can be used to benefit restaurants. Continue reading →
  8. Get Restaurant Patrons Outdoors with Fun Furniture and Fresh Touches

    Bistro 3 Italy It’s not just a Parisian concept to sit outdoors and enjoy people watching while soaking up a beautiful day and a delicious meal. Many restaurants stateside are learning that restaurant patrons enjoy sitting outdoors; it creates a different and casual atmosphere that many people enjoy. Best of all, it creates more seating so restaurants can do more business. Continue reading →
  9. 5 Reasons To Open A Coffee Shop At Your Church

    Years after the first Starbucks opened, coffee is still – no pun intended – hot. Many Americans make a stop at the coffee house on a daily, weekly or other regular basis. Churches can greatly benefit parishioners by adding a coffee house. There are five primary reasons why churches should add a coffee house. Continue reading →
  10. Things To Consider Before Shopping For Food Court Furniture

    Furnishing food courts is all about creating versatile and durable spaces. Furniture placed in food courts should be easy to move around, durable enough to handle high traffic and made from materials that are easy to clean and that will stay looking good even through a number of cleanings and high usage. Continue reading →

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