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  1. It's Time for Businesses to Get Serious About EV Chargers

    With many markets on the brink of mass adoption of electric vehicles, having an EV charger on site will soon be a requirement to remain competitive. We are now living in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution! Looking at sources such as It May Be Difficult to Avoid Driving an Electric Car in 2022, it’s clear that due to the boom of EV’s in 2021, it is time for all businesses to consider installing EV charging infrastructure for customers. More and more popular car and truck manufacturers are coming out with their own electric vehicle options. Currently in 2022, there are now 20 different electric car manufacturers, including popular brands such as Tesla, Audi, Ford, GMC, Toyota, and more. As the desire for EV’s increases, this brings up the question of whether or not businesses should be required to provide charging stations and chargers on company property.  Continue reading →
  2. What the Prettiest Café in London Tells Us About Designing Viral Spaces

    In our social media oriented world, the aesthetics of a hospitality establishment can be as big a draw as the quality of food and service. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are always on the look out for a selfie backdrop, a social experience to brag about or just a good vibe. After taking just one look at the bougie Saint Aymes, it's easy to see why many consider it to be the prettiest café in London. This ultra-luxe coffee & chocolate shop is a Gen Z dream with pastel pinks, lavenders and blues, bursting floral designs, and soft gold hues creating a picturesque background for an afternoon of decadent treats. The owners, sisters Lois and Michal Wilson, certainly know what they are doing, telling Express "Nothing beats a local brick-and-mortar presence, especially if it can be immortalized on Instagram". Their efforts have been a huge success, and can tell us quite a bit about how to design spaces for the next generation of hungry consumers. Continue reading →
  3. We Interview the Owner of Fresh Restorations, Maker of Custom Reclaimed Table Tops

    We always love to see the creative ways that customers use our table bases. Recently, we sat down (virtually) with Audrey Jones about her small business “Fresh Restorations” located in Somerville, New Jersey. Fresh Restorations is a reclaimed wood furniture business that takes salvaged barn wood (usually sourced from large sawmills) and turns it into beautiful custom tables. Audrey uses a sustainable process to transform tired pieces into beautiful reclaimed wood tables, desks, bars, and bar stools. Audrey started the business in 2015 when she moved with her husband into her family farmhouse in rural New Jersey. Being a decorative painter and artist for over 20 years, Audrey has a touch for creating beautiful pieces of art. The inspiration for Fresh Restorations started when Audrey created a wood kitchen island for her family’s farm house using reclaimed barn wood. Salvaging things in the countryside was something she noticed that did not take place as much in the city. People loved recycling, and creating things out of recycled materials. Continue reading →
  4. Is Manufacturing Coming Back to the United States?

    The Covid-19 epidemic has drastically changed the way we live by accelerating the trend towards e-commerce and delivery instead of in-store sales. When it comes to manufacturing, the current global business model requires that many of the physical goods we want to purchase are dependent on overseas manufacturers, either for parts or the actual finished goods. As a result, businesses and consumers are struggling with delayed freight times and the rising cost of freight. The level of consumer demands is driving a surge of overwhelmed ports, and companies are facing difficulties shipping and delivering products to consumers in a timely manner. The omicron variant is only adding to the issue, with record numbers of people out sick, stressing industries even further. The United States relies heavily on foreign producers when it comes to manufacturing, and Asian manufacturing companies control a majority of the United States shipping routes.  Continue reading →
  5. Vintage & Neon Vibes at the Best Bay Area Restaurants

    The Bay Area has some of the most beautiful and uniquely decorated restaurants in California. Not only do they serve great food, but they also provide customers with beautiful experiences with unique interior designs (crucial in today’s Instagram-centric world). The San Francisco Chronicle talks about 10 of the Bay Area’s “most beautiful” restaurants and goes into depth about their famous dishes, decor, and location in Northern California. Here, we’ll take a look at the restaurants’ designs and table base choices, and the benefits the bases provide to decor as well as functionality, such as space and seatingContinue reading →
  6. Now Offering Pay Later Options at Checkout now offers PayPal’s pay later options, so you can manage your payments over a term that works for your budget and project deadline. Now instead of worrying about lines of credit, or putting a large charge on your credit card, you can instead checkout with PayPal and spread out the cost of your purchase over a longer period. We’ll...
  7. Easy Last Minute Holiday Decoration Ideas

    Shiny Christmas Ornaments in a Bowl The holidays are a busy time, and it seems like the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas flies by quicker than a snap of the fingers. Before you know it, Christmas is knocking on your door and you still don’t have any decorations put up. Don’t worry! Houzz has some quick and easy ideas for bringing the festive season to your home, even on short notice.  Continue reading →
  8. How Restaurants Are Finding Viral Success on TikTok

    Since its creation in 2016, TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media apps across all age groups. With 1 billion active monthly users, TikTok has blown past other networks like Twitter and Instagram. The demographics of users range across all ages, with users aged 10 to 49 making up more than 89% of the service's user base, making it a powerhouse in internet culture. TikTok has one of the largest age ranges we see in social media, and it’s algorithm makes it easy to reach others through interaction, for example,  liking certain videos, searching certain hashtags, and looking at different accounts. The algorithm studies the types of videos and accounts you seem to enjoy or become interested in, and will seemingly show more and more of similar content on your feed. Restaurants are finding success with customer's viral videos. Continue reading →
  9. Are Freight Trains the Next EVs?

    Greenhouse gas emissions due to transportation make up nearly 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.  The website Ars Technica discusses the possibility of powering large vehicles like trains, with batteries rather than diesel, to help reduce carbon footprint. With this rapid pace of technology change in smaller vehicles, it brings up the question of whether or not big modes of transportation, such as trains, planes, and ships, are able to join the wave of going green. A new study performed by California Based Researchers studies the possibility of electrifying rail-based freight. Technology is advanced enough to be able to make a plan like this work, but there is also an economic side that needs to be brought into consideration.  Continue reading →
  10. The Juggernauts of Restaurant Design

    The article Who’s Defining Restaurant Design Now is the perfect insight into examples of exceptional restaurant design all over the world, and what inspired the visuals and environment inside these places. Design firms like Avroko and Bells + Whistles discussed in the article are responsible for bringing to life the vision of the owner of the restaurant. They handle everything design wise, ranging from visuals, how the customers feel when they dine in the restaurant, and how they interact with the space. As a table base company, we take pride in being a great resource for design companies large and small (as well as homeowners). We've had 20 years to hone our extensive knowledge on table base and top options, and offer designs and looks to fit a variety of different environments.  Continue reading →

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