1. Art Deco Style

    The Art Deco Style was all about glamor, luxury, innovation, and hope. The style has proven to be timeless and instantly recognizable even 100 years after its first appearance. Famous for its streamlined look and bold interiors, simultaneously decadent and severe, this dramatic aesthetic is still alive and well, remaining even more relevant and popular today in modern design as...
  2. Add Character to Your Dining Room with Table Cloths

    With the worst of the pandemic behind us the world is ready to get back to partying! If you aren’t quite ready to throw a giant bash yet (we get it) then a small, intimate dinner party might be just the ticket to get back into larger scale socializing. Just because it’s your closest friends doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the decorations and table dressings, if anything it’s more of an excuse to go all out! This may bring up some questions if you are new to hosting, like what size of tablecloth do we need? How much overhang looks best for a table runner? What’s the difference between dinner and formal dinner napkins? We can help answer these questions and more as we continue, whether you’re looking for a last minute DIY project to wow your party guests, or for thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. Continue reading →
  3. The History of the Modern Table Base

    Some of the earliest tables and bases can be dated back to ancient Egypt, where they were constructed out of stone to play games that sometimes required intricate carvings on the surface. Ancient Greeks and Romans often used table bases with three or four legs as altars for sacred rituals. Romans tended to have low tables to suit their equally...
  4. How to Pick the Right Dining Table for Your Space

    Finding the right table may take some initial preparation, but its ability to accentuate and upgrade the look of your entire dining area makes it worth it. By selecting the best size, shape, and overall design, your investment should leave you and all of your guests feeling inspired and comfortable every time they sit down for a meal.  Measure the...
  5. How to Choose a Pedestal Table Base for Rectangular and Oval Table Tops

    Today we’re going to TEST take a look at how to choose the best pedestal table base or metal table legs for rectangular and oval shaped table tops. Most pedestal table bases are round, X-style with legs, or square, which means they fit perfectly in the center of round and square table tops. With rectangular or oval shapes, the table top is going to be much longer that it is wide, making fitment a bit more tricky. To support these elongated table tops, has rectangular and oval shaped pedestals that are specifically designed for longer tables. Another option is to use multiple table bases spread out along the length of the table, or to use some of our strong metal table legs to support the table top from the corners. Below we’re going to go over tips for how to make sure you’re picking the right option for your project.  Continue reading →
  6. Improve the Vibes in Your Home with Scented Candles

    Candles can dramatically alter the mood and feeling of a room. Here's some tips on achieving great ambiance using scented candles in your space. Imagine sitting outside on a warm summer night. You’re surrounded by friends, enjoying a brisk glass of golden sauvignon blanc, feeling the pine scented breeze flowing gently across your skin. Or maybe you’re cozied up inside on a gloomy day. Cool gray light softly filters in through the window, with that distinct smell of rain dancing across your nose. Smells are a big part of how we experience these moments, and you can recreate a similar ambiance with scented candles. Candles are symbols of celebration; we use them on top of cakes when celebrating a milestone, in spiritual ceremonies or vigils, for soothing and for healing. Candles produce a relaxing ambiance that is hard to replicate. Occupations like massage therapy and acupuncturists often use candles to create a more soothing and relaxing experience for their clients. Candles expand a space, they can help to create a wide variety of lovely ambiances to suit the mood and occasion.  Continue reading →
  7. Our Favorite Properties from "Selling Sunset"

    We take a look at some of the most iconic properties from the hit HBO show Selling Sunset. Making its debut in March of 2019, Selling Sunset has become one of reality TV’s hottest shows. Selling Sunset was just awarded “Best Docu-Reality Show” at the MTV movie awards in 2022, and has recently been approved for the production of two...
  8. On Wednesdays, We Learn some History about the Color Pink

    The popularity and cultural meanings of pink have evolved over time in a way that is distinct from other colors. Popular use of the color pink in fashion and design has an interesting history, it’s a color that can evoke different images depending on the viewer. Some may think of beautiful Barbie in her bright pink dress and heels, cruising...
  9. Counter Height Dining Tables Add Versatility & Style to Kitchens

    One of the great advantages of buying a separate table base and table top is that you get to choose pieces that best fit your needs and design choices, including a precise height. Counter height table bases are the increasingly popular height option that falls in between standard height and bar height bases. Usually measuring about 36” tall (at the table top surface), counter height is approximately 16 inches taller than dining height, and about 6 to 8 inches shorter than bar height. You can also customize the height to meet your specific needs. Counter height tables are perfect for multi-purpose kitchen work surfaces, especially kitchen islands, as well as outdoor patio tables. We’re going to explore a few of these benefits in more detail below.  Continue reading →
  10. Having Indoor Plants Comes with Some Huge Benefits

    Indoor plants not only make for beautiful indoor decor, they also come with some fascinating health benefits. One of the most beneficial components of indoor plants are their air purifying abilities! Certain plants have natural filters on their leaves that catch allergens such as dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. Plants such as the Chinese Evergreen and the Peace Lily are experts at this. Plants with patterned leaves, like Violets, are also very good at trapping allergens. This article will explore the different benefits that plants can bring into our lives and different ways to utilize them.  Continue reading →

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