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  1. Google Duplex, AI Powered Restaurant Reservations Rolling Out to More Users

    Photo Courtesy of Google Last year, Google unveiled Google Duplex, the company’s AI powered service that makes restaurant and service reservations on your behalf. The technology seemed very futuristic, although there were a lot of questions about how (and how well) it would work. At launch, Duplex functionality was only available to those who owned a 3rd generation Google Pixel smartphone, and even then it was limited to those who live in one of a few select test cities. Now, The Verge and other news outlets are reporting that Duplex is rolling out more widely, and should soon be available on Android phones running Android 5.0 or higher, and iPhones with the Google Assistant app installed. The service now works in 43 US States, and is only available in English. As with usual Google product rollouts, it’s happening gradually, so if you have a compatible phone, you may not see the service just yet. Continue reading →
  2. J24 Cast Iron Table Base & Custom Granite Table Top

    Choosing a table base for heavy stone tables can be tricky! Check out for helpful tips for supporting stone dining & accent tables. And find us on Instagram for more great photos from customers. via Instagram Continue reading →
  3. RSQ1828 Stainless Steel Bases in High-End Dining Room

    Check out this beautiful dining area by Rachel Moriarty Interiors! The stainless steel table bases really pop with those yellow chairs. ⁣Find us on Instagram and let us know your favorite design element! ⁣ Continue reading →
  4. Chic Cafe with Marble Tables

    We love the look of this chabby chic cafe! What’s your favorite design element? Find us on Instagram and leave a comment!  via Instagram Continue reading →
  5. J24 Cast Iron Table Base & Custom Copper Table Top

    Submission from a happy customer! Our J34 table bases with a custom copper wrapped table top. via Instagram Continue reading →
  6. How Is Influencer Culture Changing Restaurants?

    Consumers are flocking to social media, with Facebook and Instagram in particular having a huge impact on how customers look for information and how they find new restaurants. In a recent article on Forbes, author Lizzy Saxe discusses the possible upsides and pitfalls of promoting your restaurant on social media. Continue reading →
  7. Bruni Table Bases in Sweet Saloon

    What / where are you drinking this fine Tuesday? It’s 5PM somewhere! We’re partial to a G&T at our local spot. via Instagram Continue reading →
  8. Beautiful Underwater Restaurant in Maldives

    Check out this beautiful underwater restaurant in the Maldives! Who would you take with you to eat here? Let us know on Instagram.  via Instagram Continue reading →
  9. A Beautiful Outdoor Dining Area

    A beautiful outdoor dining area in Europe with cast iron vintage style table bases. Follow us on Instagram for more great photos! via Instagram Continue reading →
  10. Our Bruni 2 x 2 Table Base with a Custom Wood Table Top

    Check out this beautiful custom 10’ mahogany dining table, made by @zavemade using our Bruni cast iron table bases! The smooth top goes well with these vintage style metal table bases. Stunning ? via Instagram Continue reading →

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