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    We make it easy to create beautiful glass table tops with our glass table top adapter! Shown is our RFL750 stainless steel base, at dining height with a 48" diameter glass table top. Keep Reading --->     Normally, you'll see a black square or star shaped piece at the top of our table bases. That part is called the...
  2. Accessible Dining, Banquet And Bar Tables And Bases

    ADA Diagram copy   It's a good practice for hospitality business owners to consider the range of different guests they serve, and to try to think of the best ways to make everyone comfortable. Do your guests have allergies? Children? Perhaps they have limited vision and travel with a service animal. There are a range of different circumstances your business should be prepared to handle. One of the questions we get quite often is, "How do I make wheelchair accessible tables?" With that in mind, this post is an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which provides guidelines (actually, hard and fast rules) for how restauranteurs should accommodate guest's using wheelchairs, to make sure they can enjoy your hospitality in comfort. Continue reading →
  3. How Many Guests Can I Seat at My Table?

      How Many Guests copy We know that visualizing a project before it's complete can often be a challenge. To help you create the perfect table for your space, we've put together a handy little diagram showing how many guests you can fit comfortably different sizes of tables, as well as some handy tips for choosing the best size and shape table for your dining space. While it can sometimes be hard to find a complete dining set in the size and shape you want, with the help of you can pick your table top, table base, and chairs separately, to find the perfect size and shape for your dining area. (Note: The above diagram was made with restaurant seating in mind. For residential dining tables, you may want to allow more space for guests, at least 24" per person.) Continue reading →
  4. Choosing A Table Base For A Granite Or Marble Table Top

    RSQ1828-Coffee-Table Choosing a table base can be tricky enough with our wide selection, and the process becomes a bit more complicated when stone table tops come into play. Due to their sheer weight, extra consideration is required when deciding on the most appropriate table base for your beautiful granite top. We think about the size, height, weight and use for your table, and try to come up with the most appropriate solution. Read on for some helpful tips on how to pair your granite or marble top with a table base from Continue reading →
  5. How to Install a Sub-Top for Stone & Cement Table Tops

    Photo Courtesy of A sub-top is a piece of plywood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) that you glue to the underside of a stone table top. The sub-top is used to attach the table base to the table top, and also to help support the stone table top and prevent it from cracking. Continue reading for our easy step-by-step guide to installing your own sub-top and creating a stone table! Continue reading →
  6. America's Supply Chain is Seriously Strained

    What is happening with the supply chain: A huge clog in the supply chain pipeline is causing major delays in imports of goods such as toys, clothing, electronics, and other items. No one knows how to fix it or what to do.  80% of goods are transported overseas Covid outbreaks in Chinese ports also affects shipping status Inflation is increasing as demand outpaces supply  How does this affect businesses and companies: The median cost of shipping has almost doubled since July, which was already twice what it cost in January. Businesses are having to order ahead of time to avoid running out of goods, which is only making things worse by increasing the shipping backlog. Companies are not receiving their products on time or in the quantity they need, leading to a shortage of goods, which then leads to disappointed and frustrated customers.  Continue reading →
  7. Should Restaurants Enforce COVID Vaccination for Guests?

    Well over halfway through 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic that rocked the world in early 2020 is still disrupting nearly every aspect of our lives. While there was a sense of renewed hope earlier in the year with the arrival of vaccines, COVID cases are once again on the rise, especially among the unvaccinated. People are eager to dine out after a year of sheltering in place. But with the ultra-contagious Delta variant now responsible for upwards of 80% of cases in the United States, and showing no signs of stopping, restaurateurs and hospitality businesses are having to make some tough decisions. How can restaurants balance the health of their business with the health of their staff and customers? These are tough questions that do not yet have clear answers.  Continue reading →
  8. Add Items to Your Cart for a Shipping Quote

    For most orders and shipping destinations*, you can get a freight quote right on our website before checkout! Just follow the simple steps below to check the shipping costs on the items you want to purchase. Continue reading →
  9. Do Plastic Barriers Actually Help Prevent Spreading COVID?

    Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen more and more plastic shields being erected to create physical barriers between people and groups with the hope of preventing the spread of airborne particles. The idea makes intuitive sense, an acrylic shield allows people to see each other while theoretically creating a physical obstacle for airborne viruses. However, according to a recent article in The New York Times, these barriers may actually be doing more harm than good in many instances. While a conclusive ruling is still out while scientists continue to study all the complications that factor into COVID safety, the available evidence suggests we should put our time and effort elsewhere when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID0-19.  Continue reading →
  10. What Height Table Base Do I Need? makes it super easy to create a custom table that fits your exact space. With that kind of freedom also comes a lot of questions! One question we get from a lot of customers is how tall of a table base do you need? offers options at Dining Height, Bar Height, Counter Height and Coffee Table Height, and many of our bases can be cut to a custom height if you need something precise for your project. But how do you match up your chairs or stools to the perfect height table? There’s a simple rule of thumb you can follow to get the best match, keep reading to find out.  Continue reading →

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