Lavender Flowers

Pantone announced its color of the year for 2022 as “Veri Peri”, a “periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone”. The combination of blue and red tones creates a vibrant, daring color to liven up your house or interior design project. You’ve probably seen variations of Veri Peri, as it resembles the color of a fully bloomed purple Perennial or Lavender plant. This vibrant hue is just in time for spring and summer seasons, as Veri Peri is praised for its joyous attitude and dynamic presence’ that provokes ‘courageous creativity and imaginative expression’ for the year ahead. If you’re looking for a refreshing awakening to your home or space, Veri Peri might be the paint color for you!

    If you want to bring a pop of color into your home this summer, you can incorporate Veri Peri through wall paint, furniture, or accessories like pillows and paintings. The smallest amount of the color will make a statement, so a little goes a long way! You can try slowly integrating it into your space by placing one or two periwinkle pillows in your living room. Or, for something even more subtle, grab a vase and place a bouquet of purple Perennial plants on the dining room table or coffee table. Unlike other paint companies, Pantone created Veri-Peri themselves as an entirely new shade for their 2022 choice for color of the year. Pantone describes their color as embodying optimism, stability, and balance. They explain that Veri-Peri’s hues represent warmth and joy, symbolizing the transition out of isolation from the Covid-19 pandemic.    

Living in a world with a continued trend of unprecedented change from the Covid-19 pandemic, Veri-Peri is that feeling of  joy, warmth, and playfulness that has been missing from a lot of our daily lives. The color allows for people to express themselves brightly and invite color combinations that aren't usually used in a traditional or modern home setting. The purpose of Veri Peri is to redefine interior design trends, and try to create something new and refreshing. In a space that is modernly decorated with lots of beige and white tons, this color can bring a lot of character to the space. If you’re feeling bold, try painting an accent wall using Veri Peri. An accent wall of Veri Peri paired with white paint is a beautiful statement and turns any room into a bright paradise. What “Veri Peri” colored statement pieces would you add to your space?