A view overlooking Beverly Hills, California

We take a look at some of the most iconic properties from the hit HBO show Selling Sunset.

Making its debut in March of 2019, Selling Sunset has become one of reality TV’s hottest shows. Selling Sunset was just awarded “Best Docu-Reality Show” at the MTV movie awards in 2022, and has recently been approved for the production of two more seasons on air. The show has its fair share of drama, but is outweighed by the impeccable fashion statements and amazing real estate properties that are highlighted on the show. Not to mention the supportive and sweet friendships (most) of the real estate agents have between one another. Follow along as we dive into some of the greatest real estate properties the Selling Sunset agents have sold while being a part of the Oppenheim Brokerage. 

Modern mansion overlooking Hollywood and Los Angeles

Outdoor Oasis

One of the most extraordinary homes you will see on the show is the “Outdoor Oasis” mansion located in the Hollywood hills. Standing at more than 20,000 square feet, this beautiful estate contains 5 luxurious bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and an extraordinary 12 car garage. This amazing property ended up closing for $35 million dollars to the co-founders of Quest Nutrition company. This property was one of the largest deals to close on the show, with the commission earning being just over 1 million dollars. It’s difficult to imagine a more perfect home. Bright green vines hang down from the creme colored balcony as you look down at the infinity pool and the skyline view. The exterior use of stained wood window pillars and glass walls creates a comforting and warm feel to the home.

A very modern mansion with an infinity edge pool and wood clad decks.

The tropical essence of the home is brought to life with a 163 foot infinity pool scaling hillside along the estate. The infinity pool adds a charming and romantic feel to the house, with a built-in swim up cabana, bar and lounge. A single elegant palm tree stands tall in its own built-in stand in the middle of the pool. An infinity pool alone is already luxurious enough, but to add to the experience, a bill-board sized flat screen TV is hung above it, making for an incredible summer-night movie experience. 

This outdoor oasis looks over the entire city of Hollywood, creating an amazing view from almost every point in the house. The home has a 300 degree view, which means almost anywhere you look you’ll be able to see the city lights from Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles, and Century City. The home takes advantage of the stunning vistas, almost every single room has access to the outdoors. There are ample sliding walls throughout which open and make the space feel like an outdoor oasis. A 12 car garage completes the estate, lined with glass walls that have a 12 foot cascading waterfall in its vicinity. 

A saturated view of the iconic Hollywood sign at sunset.

You can see tons of today's popular interior design trends throughout the show. HGTV highlights some of the best interior design trends from this year, and one of the first listed is “colors and prints”. Some of the others include minimalism, bringing the outdoors in, and more marble.

In this Hollywood hills mansion, marble is largely used throughout the estate, most prominently in the opulent private spa. The designers chose what looks to be Sequoia brown marble, which has a delicate appearance that makes it a versatile choice suitable for a variety of applications. Using earthy tones like hues of brown, green, and gray creates a warm and comfortable feel inside a home.

The spa room features a sauna, a shower room with a tub, and two elegant white stone massage tables planted in the ground, side by side. This room combines marble walls with earth tone furniture and flooring to create the ultimate clean, calm, and sleek looking environment, ideal for a room that is designed for ultimate relaxation. 

A luxurious marble and stone bathroom.

The details pull the room together with marble side tables that match the color and texture of the wall, huge tropical plants, visible when the sliding doors are opened, and tan colored couch accessories, which keep the neutral theme afloat and add a comfortable “at home” feeling to the room. A dining room surrounded by delicate glass walls beautifully utilizes the colors and prints of the interior design style that is trending this year. 

Beverly Hills Estate

The Beverly Hills sign

This next estate speaks for itself. Standing at 18 thousand square feet, this 7 bed, 10 bath masterpiece is 1021 North Beverly Drive. This beautiful piece of property stands on an acre of land in Beverly hills. The property is lined with elegant palm trees and greenery, providing a barrier of privacy for the residents in the home. In the middle of the property between the guest house and main house sits a large pool made with different shades of blue stones and filled with turquoise water, along with a fabulous green lawn. 

The main residence contains a chef’s kitchen, movie theater, at-home gym, wine cellar, and a guest suite. The guest house is directly across from the owners suite, and contains two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The beautiful guest home stands hoisted up on two large pillars with large windows that allow for almost a full view of the property. 

A beautiful palm tree lined walkway in a well manicured garden.

The exterior style of this estate is very modern and practical. Bauhaus comes to mind as the overall theme of the exterior is practicality as well as theoretical. As you take a look inside of the 15,000 square foot mansion, the interior style is very elegant. You’ll notice the theme of shades of pearly whites almost everywhere, especially the elegant foyer. The beautiful foyer is made up of crystal white marble flooring, a white marble staircase, and pristine white walls. This trend of contemporary colors and style continues throughout the estate, accompanied with gold accent pieces, such as table legs, wall art, and coffee tables to add a pop of color. 

White marble floors with white linen curtains

The interior decor of 1021 Beverly Hills also includes abstract artwork and furniture pieces. A couple rooms even incorporate some pop-culture elements, with wall art of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Abstract lamps hang from the ceiling in shades of light blues and gold. This estate was certainly made for entertaining, with the resort-style pool in the center of the property grabbing the attention of anyone who enters the premises. 

A pool-side patio is lit up by elegant string-lights that wrap around the palm trees, as well as the glow of the swimming pool lights. The main lawn stretches along and around the pool, accompanied by a rectangular pond sitting alongside the house. This amazing property is still on the market for $75 million dollars through the Oppenheim Real Estate group

As interior design trends continue to change year after year, it will be interesting to see what kinds of styles these homes take on in the future. Keep an eye out for more stunning properties and estate on Selling Sunset, and see what