We often have customers ask if we can custom-cut our table bases to specific heights. Maybe you have unique chairs that are a bit taller than standard, or are trying to match an existing countertop. You can order a custom height table base from www.tablebases.com, just give us a call to place your order over the phone. Not all of our products can be custom cut, for example, most vintage cast iron models with decorative columns are not customizable. However, most of our bases with steel columns can be custom-cut (click the button below to see a complete list of table bases that can be cut to custom heights).

Column Cutting Machine-2

  Image above courtesy of JPW Industries Most of our warehouses use a bandsaw like the JET J-3410 by JPW Industries, shown above, to cut steel and stainless steel columns to a precise length. Many of our bases with straight, tubular steel or stainless steel columns can be custom cut to your desired height. Our bases with decorative, heavy cast iron columns, such as the K, J and Tango series, usually cannot be cut. As you can see in the image below, these cast iron columns are extremely heavy and thick, with some weighing close to 24 pounds on their own!


  To order a custom-cut base, you just need to place your order over the phone and let us know the overall height you would like the base to be. By overall height, we mean from the floor to where your table top will rest. For example, if you have a 2" thick wood table top, and you want the surface height to be 34", we'll cut the base to 32" tall overall. There are a few things to note with custom height bases: 1. Custom Height bases cannot be returned (please measure twice, so we can cut once!) 2. Depending on which product you select, and how busy we are when you place your order, custom-cutting can add 1-5 days to the lead time for your bases, so please keep your deadlines in mind. Please give us a call and speak with customer service for more information about specific lead times for your order. 3. There is an additional charge for custom cutting most bases. The charge can vary depending on which base you choose, and which overall height you need. For bases being cut to below Dining Height, the price is usually the same as Coffee Table height, which we make by cutting Dining Height columns. For most bases being cut below Bar Height (~41") but above Dining Height (~28"), the price is usually the same as the Counter Height option, which we make by cutting Bar Height columns. Please contact customer service for a quote on custom cut bases. Below is a list of our bases that can be custom cut. Items marked in bold can be cut and shipped fairly quickly, meaning only an extra 1-2 business days on average to ship your order*.

Click the link below to view our table bases that can be custom cut!

  *This is an estimate, and depends on the quantity you order. If you need your items quickly and have a strict deadline, please let us know when you place your order. We do our best to work within your timeline. Please call to order custom cut bases.