It’s 2017. If your tables are wobbly, it’s time to upgrade!

Wobbly tables are not just annoying, they cost restaurants time and money. Unsteady tables cost labor hours spent propping bases up on napkins, cause bad customer experiences from spilled drinks, and can make your restaurant seem unpolished.


[caption id="attachment_2567" align="aligncenter" width="300"]No-Rock-Instagram Click the photo to view the No-Rock series table bases[/caption]
The No-Rock series table bases feature a unique suspension system built into the four legs of the base. This system allows all four legs to make contact with the ground, even on very uneven floors such as cobblestone, old hardwood or cracked cement. When you move your tables, simply press down on the table top to push all four legs down to the floor.


The No-Rock bases are made from aluminum with a powder coat finish, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use in a variety of settings. These table bases are also light weight, so they are easy to move around your patio or bring inside at night. The No-Rock Terrace model even features a tilting top plate and a nesting base plate, so you can flip your table tops veritical and push the bases together to easily store your tables using a fraction of the space.


These commercial grade restaurant table bases have a sleek, modern style that looks great in both homes and restaurants. Check out the video below for a deomnstration of the patented No-Rock self-stabilizing system.



Click HERE to watch No-Rock Demonstration