Update: Last summer in 2016 (almost a year ago today actually), we wrote about the way in which Instagram is affecting restaurant design. Since then, momentum has only picked up further, as many designers are still explicity making decisions based to increase a business's "Instagramability", as reported by The Verge.

Instagram has firmly secured it's place in the world of social media, and as a valuable tool for restaurants. When a photo of your food goes viral, it can be marketing gold. In fact, Instagram is proving to be such a popular means of social sharing for restaurants, that the service is starting to influence interior design.  TastingTable spoke to some designers and restauranteurs, and found that thoughts of the perfect Instagram photo are swirling even before the business is up and running.


"Find Your Light" as Tyra Banks would say. Lighting can make or break a photo, especially when it comes to food. Too dark and it doesn't look appetizing, too bright and it's washed out. And who is going to envy a photo of a fluorescent orange hamburger in a badly lit diner? Bright, colorful spaces with neutral but interesting backdrops (think metal, textured surfaces, etc) make for better photos. One restauranteur that TastingTable quieried considered Instagram down to the last details, including their plates (plain white).

Designing a restaurant with Instagram makes perfect sense. After all, when your customers post photos of your food on social media, it's free advertising, but only if the photos are good enough to entice others. Providing good lighting and interesting backdrops makes it that much easier for your customers to snap the perfect foodie shot.

Oh, and make sure your tables are stable! Nothing is worse than spilling sauce down your lap while trying to show off a fancy plate of pasta.

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Via: TastingTable