Shiny Christmas Ornaments in a Bowl

The holidays are a busy time, and it seems like the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas flies by quicker than a snap of the fingers. Before you know it, Christmas is knocking on your door and you still don’t have any decorations put up. Don’t worry! Houzz has some quick and easy ideas for bringing the festive season to your home, even on short notice. 

Probably the easiest and simplest way to spruce up your home is to add some garland to a staircase or mantel. Run the garland down the banister, or if you don’t want to go the staircase route, try laying some along a bookshelf or mantel, the edge of your dining table, or along a window sill. The next simple and easy way to create holiday ambiance are centerpieces. Houzz talks about grabbing a mason jar, candle, and some fruit to create a holiday ambiance around the dinner table. Seasonal fruit could include pomegranates, red apples, persimmons, and cranberries. She also recommends adding some salt or sugar at the bottom of the mason jar to collect any wax that may spillover from the candle. The candle light will add a soft glow to the room and bring the feeling of comfort. 

Dried Fruit Christmas Decor

Here’s a fun project to do with friends and family. Go outside and gather some pine cones to create a pine cone garland. This simple DIY project will bring some beautiful, holiday flare to any room, at nearly no cost. Houzz adds that using ribbon or paddle wire is the easiest way to attach the pine cones to the rope to hang them. Plus, white or red ribbon makes the pine cones look extra festive. 

Perhaps one of my favorite easy holiday decorations are branches of berries kept in vases. These small red berries bring the essence of the holidays, and they last way longer than flowers do, too! Houzz recommends displaying them in large glass or ceramic vases on side tables, or to spruce up bathrooms or mantels! To add even more pizazz, try painting the berries lightly with craft glue, and adding some glitter to them to give them some extra pop!

Candy Canes Hanging on White Tree Branches

Lastly, my favorite Christmas decoration of them all, candy canes. Candy canes can be put anywhere around the house, on your Christmas tree, in stockings, in mason jars for a centerpiece, and they look simple and cute. Buy a box of candy canes and place them around the house. It’s a subtle and festive holiday decoration, and also a treat for later!