One of the great advantages of buying a separate table base and table top is that you get to choose pieces that best fit your needs and design choices, including a precise height. Counter height table bases are the increasingly popular height option that falls in between standard height and bar height bases. Usually measuring about 36” tall (at the table top surface), counter height is approximately 16 inches taller than dining height, and about 6 to 8 inches shorter than bar height. You can also customize the height to meet your specific needs. Counter height tables are perfect for multi-purpose kitchen work surfaces, especially kitchen islands, as well as outdoor patio tables. We’re going to explore a few of these benefits in more detail below. 

Extra Room for Food Prep

Counter height tables match the height of kitchen countertops. Unlike dining height tables and bar height tables, which may be too short or too tall for the average person to comfortably chop and prepare food, counter height tables are at an intermediate height that is easy to utilize for a variety of purposes. They’re not so short that you hurt your back trying to roll out pizza dough, and not so tall that your shoulders ache after preparing a big meal. This is why kitchen islands are so versatile, especially when you use counter height table legs that leave the underside of the surface free for seating. These kinds of islands can pull double duty as dining tables and prep areas, so if you are short on countertop space, your counter height table can really expand how much you can accomplish in your kitchen. 

Create A Cohesive Look

Counter height tables also create continuity in a kitchen by making all the surfaces the same height, keeping things uniform. If you’re creating a butcher block or stone table that matches your countertops, the height uniformity can be a big plus as it creates a very cohesive look. On the other hand, if you have just one slab of beautiful marble or wood, you can use it for your kitchen island to create a contrasting focal piece in the center of the room. Just make sure you choose a very sturdy counter height table base or counter height table legs that can support the weight of your table and the added weight of whatever activities you plan on conducting.

Make a Versatile Outdoor Table

Counter height tables also work great outside, as they are low enough to sit at like a dining table without feeling like you’re too high off the ground, but tall enough to work well for casual standing use, like for drinks or a buffet at your next backyard party. As mentioned above, counter height tables are a great height for work surfaces, so they can accompany an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area and give you extra prep space that easily transitions into an outdoor dining table. Throw a sheet of canvas or a tarp over the table and it can even work as a potting table or outdoor craft table for kids. You can keep the table under cover and add some portable propane heaters to create an all-weather outdoor dining area. 

While counter height tables are not quite as tall as bar height tables, they are still taller than dining height and therefore usually require more support. It’s important to choose sturdy table bases or counter height table legs that are rigid and have a high weight capacity, like our cast iron pedestals or our stainless steel table legs. Stainless steel options are particularly great choices for kitchens or outdoor use, as they resist corrosion and are very easy to keep clean. We also have vintage style counter height table bases that create a timeless and beautiful French bistro style look that works well in transitional style and modern homes alike. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy your versatile counter height table for a variety of activities. 

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