As October rolls around in California, the weather starts to cool down, the leaves begin to change to deep reds and oranges, and the “warm and cozy” vibe is heavily sought after. Many people’s first instinct is to immediately run to Target and stock up on all the pumpkin spice and vanilla scented candles they can find, browse the aisle with all the fuzzy blankets, and grab themselves a $20 pair of sweatpants on the way out. When I say “many people’s first instinct” I actually mean my first instinct. Something I always ask myself when this time of year comes around is “how can I create a perfect fall-wonderland ambiance in my home?”. Well I’ve found some answers to the best fall-time hacks for home decor. 

When searching for the warm and cozy fall time aesthetic, you’ll want to start with color. Dark reds, oranges, browns, and greens are all colors that create a warming presence. You could focus on warm neutral shades, like copper or gold. Buying a dining set of copper cups and utensils is a great start. Finding an orange or tan blanket to drape over the couch or over your favorite chair is another subtle move. If you’re up for a bigger change, grab that paint and start painting the wall in your living room to warm up the soul of your home. Maybe a nice “Gray Horse '' or “Sequoia 1245” by Benjamin Moore. Both beautiful, warm colors that are perfect for autumn. One of my favorite ideas is to grab a boho-straw tray, add some mini pumpkins, gourds, or squash, some candles, and you’ll have the perfect statement piece. This is a great way to subtly show your festive side in the fall season.

 The dining room, also one of the most important rooms when it comes to ambience, is the perfect place to show off your decorating abilities to friends and family. A dried flower centerpiece is a staple piece that can bring a pop of fall to your home, and not to mention they’re beautiful to look at. Even try throwing a decorative table cloth underneath, with some straw woven placemats and vwa-lah! Candle holders with tall candles are another beautiful and simple way to spruce up a dining table, as well as some decorative, fall-colored vases. 

Decorating the living room may be the most fun of them all. This is your time to go find all the cute fall colored pillows, the pumpkin and apple scented candles, and mini orange and white pumpkins. You could also grab some mason jars and fill them with Marigolds, Sunflowers, and Chrysanthemums and place them on the coffee table or shelves. These flowers are the epitome of fall. Lastly, don’t forget to save a mason jar and fill it with the best part of the fall season...candy corn.

M. J.