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Counter Height Table Bases

Counter & Custom Height Table Bases has a wide variety of commercial table bases available at Counter Height (34 3/4" tall) for kitchen islands, tall booths and banquettes, and custom projects. Many of these Counter Height table bases can also be cut to custom heights for your project. Below are the different series of bases that are available at counter height. The rule of thumb for the height of bases is that the table base itself should be 10 to 12 inches taller than the seats of your chairs or stools. So if you are using our Counter Height table bases, you'll want stools with a seat height between approximately 22 3/4" to 24 3/4". 

If you need help choosing the best counter height table base for your project, or need to order a custom height table base, please contact customer service at 1-800-258-2320 or by emailing is here to help you choose the right restaurant table base for your home, restaurant, cafe or other business! We are a top supplier of high-quality, commercial restaurant table bases with a wide selection of dining room table bases, table tops and restaurant chairs for hospitality businesses and residences.