June 2020

  1. Add Items to Your Cart for a Shipping Quote

    For most orders and shipping destinations, you can get a freight quote right on our website before checkout! Just follow the simple steps below to check the shipping costs on the items you want to purchase. Continue reading →
  2. Our New All-Weather Ladder Back Chair

    In the era of COVID, outdoor dining is going to become more important than ever for restaurants who have been struggling through the pandemic. That is why we are so excited about our latest indoor / outdoor chair, the All-Weather Ladder Back Chair. These sturdy chairs are made to withstand the rigors of restaurant and hotel use, while also providing a stylish and comfortable seating option. They are built with outdoor use in mind, and are made from injection-molded propylene that is strong enough to be used outdoors year-round, in any weather, with only light cleaning required. These chairs are virtually indestructible, and feature a single piece frame that can support up to 500 lbs.  Continue reading →
  3. SF District Attorney Files Against DoorDash for Unfair Practices

    The San Francisco district attorney’s office has set its sights on the largest delivery service in the US, DoorDash. The city is suing the start-up food delivery service, alleging unfair business practices and worker misclassification. The worker misclassification accusation makes sense, California recently clarified state laws regarding worker classification (whether a worker is an employee or contractor). California is actually the first state in the nation to pass laws surrounding worker misclassification, and recently filed similar lawsuits against Uber and Lyft (in fact, as reported by The Verge, DoorDash is actually helping fund Uber & Lyft’s effort to stymie the law). Continue reading →
  4. What Restaurants & Bars Need to Do to Resume Operations

    With states and counties throughout the country now allowing restaurants and bars to partially or fully resume business, many business owners and customers are wondering what dining looks like in a COVID-19 laden world. We’ve posted a few things with tips and speculations, but the state of California has released a document with some firm guidance for hospitality businesses. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also released guidance specifically for restaurants. Keep reading for more details on what you’ll need to do to make sure your business is compliant.  Continue reading →
  5. Delivery Services Under Fire for Excessive Fees During Coronavirus

    Delivery Driver Start-up style delivery services like Grubhub, UberEats and DoorDash are all coming into focus during the pandemic, as would-be restaurant goers settle for eating their favorite takeout at home. It’s been known for some time now that these services are all funded by venture capital, and rarely (if ever) turn a profit. That start-up mentality leads to a lot of pressure for growth, sometimes at the expense of the service’s restaurants and users. A new BuzzFeed News post is pointing a finger at GrubHub. The service has been hijacking restaurant’s online information, leading to GrubHub charging restaurants outrageous commissions for orders that really should have nothing to do with the delivery service. Continue reading →
  6. What Will Change About Dining Out After COVID-19?

    It has now been emonths since one of the United State’s most populous cities enacted one of the first shelter-in-place mandates in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. California, with the largest economy of any state, has been shut down for nearly as long. While people around the country are just getting used to staying home full time, some locations like Georgia are already looking to reopen restaurants and other businesses. While there are still more questions than answers about what dining out will look like post COVID-19, we can look around the nation and the globe for clues as to how business owners and regulators will handle the increased need for space and sanitation. Today.com asked some experts to weigh in on what restaurants are doing, what regulators are planning, and what we can look forward to in the coming months as we all try to get back to normal. Continue reading →

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