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A Pizzeria Owner Made Money by Ordering His Own Pizza's Through DoorDash

With the pandemic still fully gripping much of the world, food delivery has become a staple for many. We may not be able to go sit down at a restaurant and enjoy the hospitality, but we can still enjoy restaurant food at home. DoorDash and other services latch onto restaurants that don't offer their own delivery service, and bridge the gap to customers who want the convenience of delivery. Well, in a strange twist of fate for one restaurant owner, he found he was able to make money by ordering his own pizza's through DoorDash.

As reported by the Verge,  DoorDash often latches onto restaurant's online listings on Google or Yelp, even if that restaurant is not an official DoorDash partner (the Verge describes this as "Bullying", and we'd have to agree). This seems to be what happened in this case, DoorDash inserted their delivery information onto the restaurant's Google listing, but they incorrectly listed the price of a pizza at $16, when the restaurant actually charges $24. Note, DoorDash eats the difference in cost, customers don't end up paying the extra $8. So what was the restaurant owner to do? Simple, he logged into DoorDash, and ordered batches of his own pizzas for $16, and charged DoorDash $24 per pizza. He was making $8 per pizza, without having to worry about getting any actual customers in the door!

This scheme (and we don't mean that in a negative way) persisted for a few weeks. The restaurant owner thought DoorDash would eventually catch on, but he never heard from them and they failed to provide any comment for the Verge's story.

The Verge's story goes deeper into the way in which these venture capital-funded start-ups operate, constantly chasing (but usually not quite achieving) profitability. It's a long article that is worth a read, especially as many of us are probably using these newer delivery services much more frequently than previously.

Source: The Verge