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Restaurant Cost Control - Bit by Bit


Running a restaurant requries an exhausting amount of work, often for the sake of a narrow profit margin. Cost control is a major part of making sure those margins stay as wide as possible, and periodic reviews of expenses are an important part of streamlining and perfecting your business processes. What are the best practices for keeping costs in check? 

Menu Cover Depot, a restaurant menu supply company, recently shared a great article that thoroughly covers non-labor cost control and provides some comprehensive advice on maximizing restaurant profits.  The main points Menu Cover Depot makes are that cost control requires analysis and thoughtful choices, it isn't simply choosing the cheapest options in every category. You have to weigh costs against their benefits, as well as against other options. And many little savings can add up to a larger amount over time.

If you have any cost-control methods that have worked well for you, let us know on Twitter and Facebook! Of course, be sure to check out Menu Cover Depot's full article for a great run-down on cost control ideas.

Source: Menu Cover Depot