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White Tablecloths are Going out of Style, Are Your Tables Bases a Sore Sight?


Alvarado-2 K15 Table Base at Alvarado St. Brewery in Monterey, CA

Restaurant décor is changing rapidly, and white table cloths appear to be a casualty of the latest design trends. Fewer and fewer restaurants around the country are using table cloths, with the only holdouts seemingly at the very top of the price spectrum. It isn't all bad news, as beautiful hardwoods, metals, and structural materials are taking over as the new design norm. Honest and exposed building materials mimic the theme of transparency we are seeing with food trends. We've previously written about how these new styles, while undoubtedly beautiful, can take noise levels to the extreme. But have you thought about how the lack of table cloths affects your choice of table base? Instead of thinking in utilitarian terms, consider your table bases and extension of your design theme. 


photo-1429681601148-75510b2cef43 Bistro 3 Table Bases in a Café

With a table cloth, of course, the underside of your tables are mostly obscured, and so any rusty, scratched and outdated table bases can be concealed. Without table cloths, your table bases move front and center, and can become a central part of your décor. So why choose basic models that fill a practical need, when you can extend your decorating themes even further? Think of a farm-to-table family style restaurant with a rustic feel, where our K, J, or Bruni series bases would fit in wonderfully. These vintage style cast iron table bases are heavy on style and strength, able to hold up reclaimed wood, granite, and other heavy table top materials to really take your design up a few notches. If you have booths in your restaurants or banquettes in your home, think about how a table base with a great design can help make that space pop even more.

The Third Rail1 C14 Table Bases at The 3rd Rail Bar in San Francisco, CA

With exposed beams, ducting and aged hardwood at the forefront of residential and commercial interior design, a beautiful table base can add another dimension to your décor. Sleek, modern cafés with the cement counters and unfinished wood pair amazingly with the industrial lines of our contemporary table bases such as the JSX, Turno & Plaza series, carrying the theme (literally) down to the floor. These steel and stainless steel table bases have beautiful finishes, clean lines, and low profile shapes.

JSX-1 JSX22 Bar Height with Foot Ring

Stainless steel bases are a in a category of their own, with smooth brushed finishes that match the open restaurant kitchens that are so popular today. Think of a chef's table, with a beautiful hardwood top supported by striking stainless steel bases that match your kitchen appliances, creating a cohesive style. Some of our stainless steel bases are even strong enough to support stone tables.

RSQ1828 in Custom Banquette by Boulder Creek Booth Works RSQ1828 in Custom Banquette by Boulder Creek Booth Works

Whether you are decorating a residential kitchen nook, or an entire restaurant dining room, you can skip the table cloths and make a statement with your table bases. 


15057356_215121518927593_4970642230927687680_n Residential Kitchen Banquette by Paul Weddle
_MG_6209 Alvarado Street Brewery in Monterey, CA